Miami 2015 Feedback

Miami 2015 Feedback

In a world divided by gender categories, religion, racism, politics, intolerance and hatred, the absurdity of our existence can only be countered by aesthetics. With heart and soul, Niq Nanu Daah deliberately opens up the once obstructed access to love and harmony by creating works and images that form a philosophical whole: Art as a way of life. Anton Cos
When looking at her work, we realize that the rampant narcissistic individualism today poses the greatest threat to peace and can only be overcome by human unity—the “We-as-a-Whole-Movement.” Tolerance can only be developed through the understanding of the uniqueness of the individual and the compliment of being different.
Not only by the cosmopolitan mythological figures she uses and her own iconography she employs—the bee hive, for example, as a symbol of a way of self-organizing life—but also the dual reading of color choices (i.e., in Asia red symbolizes energy and joy of life, while in Europe it stands for passion and bloodshed) connect the people of this planet because each one of them can find themselves in their own visual language.

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Singapore ART STAGE 2016 Feedback

Please watch the video of the NIQ NANU DAAH exhibition in Singapore with feedback by the visitors on the EXHIBITION PAGE