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MonoBlocs are everywhere...Santo Domingo

MonoBlocs are everywhere...Santo Domingo

(As part of the MonoBloc Series 2019 by ©NIQ NANU DAAH)

The MONOBLOC Chair, the world’s most globalized object is non-biodegradable and therefore immortal.

Today plastics are littering our cities, oceans and rivers and are contributing to health problems in humans and animals.

Plastic is a substance the earth and living beings cannot digest.

Niq Nanu Daah is not only interested in the visual aspects of this monstrosity in plastic, but also tries to create awareness for our unsustainable use of plastic thru by artistically presenting the MONOBLOC phenomena from many different angles.

(Music by Christian Kneisel)

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Miami 2015 Feedback

In a world divided by gender categories, religion, racism, politics, intolerance and hatred, the absurdity of our existence can only be countered by aesthetics. With heart and soul, Niq Nanu Daah deliberately opens up the once obstructed access to love and harmony by creating works and images that form a philosophical whole: Art as a way of life. Anton Cos