See works of Niq's Trash Animals for the first time in the USA- Clio Art Fair March 5th to 8th.

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Beginning March NIQ NANU DAAH is showing for the first time @ Clio Art Fair in New York City her new art series: TrashAnimals as part of her MonoBLoc Art Series raising awareness for the suffering thru plastic pollution and the harm it creates for humans and animals.

SNOW 20/20

One, two, three: currently well known in the contemporary art scene as the ’Queen of Snow’, NIQ NANU DAAH continues to create white beauties.
With her last! Snow Series ‘SNOW 20//20’, NIQ NANU DAAH is one last time decoding signs and symbols laid out on snow white paper.

Watch the video of her latest Snow20//20 exhibit

MonoBlocs are everywhere...Santo Domingo

(As part of the MonoBloc Series 2019 by ©NIQ NANU DAAH)

The MONOBLOC Chair, the world’s most globalized object is non-biodegradable and therefore immortal.

Today plastics are littering our cities, oceans and rivers and are contributing to health problems in humans and animals.

Plastic is a substance the earth and living beings cannot digest.

Niq Nanu Daah is not only interested in the visual aspects of this monstrosity in plastic, but also tries to create awareness for our unsustainable use of plastic thru by artistically presenting the MONOBLOC phenomena from many different angles.

(Music by Christian Kneisel)

Rotating Plastic filled Boxes

(MonoBloc Series- Installation Work)
2019 by ©NIQ NANU DAAH

This installation Work „Rotating Plastic Filled Boxes“ by NIQ NANU DAAH was created as part of her work series 'MonoBloc_ Fading Glory in Plastic‘
Each installation box is 70x55cm (27.5x 21“), made out of acrylic glass with sophisticated electrical wiring

Let’s save the planet TOGETHER

(Music by Billy Williams)

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Starting December 8th, 2018 the art space NIQs SPACE is officially opening.
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In preparation for her exhibition tour 2108/2019 "MonoBloc- Fading Glory in Plastic" please check Niq Nanu Daah's video.
The artist wants to raise awareness for the ever increasing problems created by our unsustainable consumption of plastic.

NIQ NANU DAAH's Youtube Channel

November 2017: Niq Nanu Daah has officially opened her youtube channel. Please check for her latest video of ‚Schnee_TREIBEN‘ (Sense of Snow) and stay tuned for more upcoming trailers, videos and infos.

Kunsthalle Brennabor

To magically bring onto a canvas the white glory of snow, in order for colors to mix, for fire to burn, emotions to flourish, to make stillness emerge, this is courageous and challenging, liberating and disturbing.

For Niq Nanu Daah anyway. For the spectator, even more so.
We truly hope, that Niq and many artists after her in the future devote themselves to the wonder of snow and don’t have to paint from pure memory.

Singapore ART STAGE 2016 Feedback

Please watch the video of the NIQ NANU DAAH exhibition in Singapore with feedback by the visitors on the EXHIBITION PAGE

Miami 2015 Feedback

In a world divided by gender categories, religion, racism, politics, intolerance and hatred, the absurdity of our existence can only be countered by aesthetics. With heart and soul, Niq Nanu Daah deliberately opens up the once obstructed access to love and harmony by creating works and images that form a philosophical whole: Art as a way of life. Anton Cos