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About the artist

About the artist

Niq Nanu Daah What? Who? Niq Nanu Daah!

The name Niq Nanu Daah – an artist name- is a concept.
If you are able when you read it to find the correct pronunciation and then remember the philosophical circle Club Voltaire, you will know what it means
Niq is the unknown amongst the well known group of artists between Los Angeles and Berlin. Her real name nobody knows. Photos of her don’t exist.
Any guessing game leads to nowhere, research produces nothing...
One result the research has produced is that this woman (a result we can vouch for) as a director/producer of multimedia stage events has vowed millions of viewers around the globe in more than 16 countries. But that’s history.
Almost for ten years now painting and photography has become the focus of her creative career. Magical exhibits among others in Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, Marrakesh, Dresden and Singapore bear witness to it. Her main work places are located in a short distance to the Pacific ocean and at the left side of the Spree (a main river in Berlin). Too much indiscretion right here… Therefore: without being distracted from her biographical details the art lover can devote his/her full attention to her art. That’s what is intended! Having said this it can become in the light of the splendor and power of her art an extensive and risky but in each instance a rewarding and fulfilling affair. It creates intense joy and fills with wonder. Guaranteed!

After years of hustle and bustle in the entertainment world, at that time leading hundreds of artists and technicians Niq Nanu Daah had withdrawn to her artist’s workshop. A break, a change, a dare. Also loneliness? Not really! No surprise here, she advanced in the world. Continuing to be transmitter, receiver and networker. Her retreat does not mean exit. To keep still, fall quiet is not part of her program. She continued her work: creating new worlds and giving new meaning to them.
She creates images. Big. Multi colors. Beautiful. Monochrome. Dreamlike. Exciting and in any case seductive. Just like at the time when Niq has surrounded herself with human beings on the theater stage she is doing it again - only now totally different. She added ghosts, rare animals, exotic plants to the mix. Exposes herself to unleashed nature as well as wild dreams and offers them space, movement and caters to their whimsical lust.
On innocent looking, natural white canvases she tempts with brush and color, nurtures them, lives, loves and quarrels with them.
Niq has special abilities that are very likely magical. The decoyed or intruder will be wonderfully inspired by her to take with him/her their discoveries, their findings that all stem from her creations after they have left on their hard-wearing journeys, only to regain consciousness, to find your inner feelings, to dare a dance, to immerse, to advance, to be still. To fall and rise again.
The question we dare to ask: How could this have happened? How does she do it? Why can’t we elude her world she created? We don’t even know her.