TrashJaguar, 2020
175.00 x 112.00
Acrylics on Paper

TrashTiger, 2020
175.00 x 112.00
Acrylics on Paper

Color Tornedo, 2020
60.00 x 48.00
Acrylics on Paper


Plastic is a substance the earth and living beings cannot digest.
With her Art Series 'MonoBloc- Fading Glory in Plastic' and her ...

ART Karlsruhe 2020

Niq Nanu Daah is showing again this year at the Art KARLSRUHE 2020 (February 13th to 16th)
This year she will be exhibiting her latest art series ' NANU?'
a minimalistic approach to shapes and forms.

Art Innsbruck 2020

Niq Nanu Daah exhibits with Stefan Westphal Gallery her latest art series Snow 20//20 (all mixed media on paper) at the Art Innsbruck 2020 (January 16th to 19th)

SNOW 20/20

One, two, three: currently well known in the contemporary art scene as the ’Queen of Snow’, NIQ NANU DAAH continues to create white beauties.
With her last! Snow Series ‘SNOW 20//20’, NIQ NANU DAAH is one last time decoding signs and symbols laid out on snow white paper.

Watch the video of her latest Snow20//20 exhibit

Black Crystal, Snow 20//20, 2019
111.00 x 74.00
Acrylic Mixed Media on Paper

Untitled#2, Snow 20//20, 2019
200.00 x 153.00
Acrylic Mixed Media on Paper

Asteroid, Snow 20//20, 2019
140.00 x 175.00
Acrylic Mixed Media on Paper