Niq Nanu Daah What? Who? Niq Nanu Daah!

The name Niq Nanu Daah – an artist name - is a concept. When you come across it and find the correct pronunciation, and then remember the philosophical circle Club Voltaire, you will know what it means.

Niq is the unknown amongst a well-known group of artists between Los Angeles and Berlin. Guessing games lead nowhere and research produces little. One result the research has uncovered is that this woman, (a result we can vouch for) as a director/producer of multimedia stage productions, wowed millions of viewers around the globe, in more than 16 countries. 

Almost ten years ago, painting, photography and 3D animation became the focus of her creative career. Magical exhibits in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Marrakesh Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Munich, Singapore bear witness to it. 

Therefore: without being distracted from her biographical details, the art lover shall devote their full attention to her art. That’s what is intended! Having said this in the light of the splendor and power of her art, this experience might become an extensive and risky, but rewarding and fulfilling affair. It creates intense joy. Being smitten with unending amazement, never boring, always discovering another re-invention. Guaranteed!

All Niq’s art series are a testimony of her special way of being different, creating understanding, touching and irritating at the same time. When there is a snowstorm as in her unique Series ‘SNOW 20/20’, when through strong winds the snow reaches the eye level, everything becomes hazy and out of focus. Causing the development of new viewpoints, the remembrances of buried emotions as well as the discovery of forgotten horizons can be felt. 

Niq’s favorite medium is paper but just recently she has started to express her work on canvas and metal.